Friday, September 10, 2010

Running for Two first week back to school is complete (thank goodness!) and against all odds (the couch screaming my name as I drove home) I managed to get an 8km run in with the boys after school.  The week has been a busy one, with the boys starting new daycare, back-to-school mayhem, and a double ear infection for Milo thrown in for good measure (yeesh!).  It was so important to get out there and just run for the normalcy of it!

While I was running up a particularly hilly part of the route, I really started to feel the weight of the double buggy.  I know that a Friday afternoon isn't my most energetic time, but I just felt wiped!
I decided it is time to talk about the extra cargo I will be carrying around as I run over the next 6 months or so.  This mama is adding another little runner to the mix!  I am feeling good, and thrilled to be running, so I will continue to do so until the potty breaks start to take over, and I look silly shuffling along the streets. With my last pregnancy, I lasted until about 3 weeks before he was born.  Here's hoping I am that lucky this time :)  It is very interesting, running (especially in races) while pregnant.  I am not concerned about PBs, but I still want to do my best.  I may just have to break out some sort of "Baby on Board" sign to wear during the marathon ;)

I receive mixed reactions about running while expecting.  "Oh...are you still going to run?" or, "what are you going to do about that running thing?" are common questions.  I try to think of myself as rational, and I also try to stay aware of my limits.  My biggest challenge right now is keeping my calories up, but I am quite sure that is why dark chocolate was invented...

Happy weekend running...the cooler weather is still a novelty to me while I am out on the run :)

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