Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Onwards and Upwards

It is now 48 hours post-marathon, and I am starting to feel like my legs are normal(ish).  I will probably attempt an easy run tomorrow, so in the mean time, I will enjoy this couple of days with no runs to squeeze in :)

I am still just as hungry as I was when I crossed the finish line.  I just can't seem to feel full.  I forgot about that feeling, post-marathon.  This race was the first time I have ever actually heard my stomach growwllinng in the last couple of kilometers.  I was fuelling efficiently enough, but my stomach (and perhaps the baby?) wanted real food by the end of the race!  Bananas, cookies and dry bagels were certainly a disappointment at the finish line, but next to the gourmet meal I was dreaming of, nothing was going to stack up!  So here I sit at 10am, snacking on hummus and crackers, counting down until lunch time.

I think I am going to plan one more race before I settle for regular runs for the remainder of this pregnancy.  It is quite convenient that there aren't a lot of races in my area throughout the winter, so I won't jealous of people out at the starting line in February.  I am going to sign up for the Angus Glen Half Marathon in November.  One of my close friends (who is also pregnant) will be running in that race, so I am going to join her. 

I do have plans to go to the Goodlife Toronto Marathon to cheer all of the hard working runners on in October.  It was so amazing to have friends, family and complete strangers cheering for me on Sunday, the least I can do is join the sidelines and cheer for everyone that is doing it in a couple of weeks!  I have a friend who is running the marathon, so I hope to see her and offer her my (loud) support!

Happy (rainy) running, if you're out there today.  Before I go, I will share my favourite quote from the race on Sunday.  My husband told my eldest, Elliott that they had to quickly head to the next location to see Mama.  "But we've already cheered for her like, three times today!" 

Glad to see they've inherited my enthusiasm :)

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