Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Marathon is (gulp) tomorrow!

A quick post to talk goals, and to freak out one last time...

I just returned from picking up my race kit.  I am impressed with the way everything was so organized, and even more impressed that I got a shirt in the right size (this rarely seems to happen for me!).  As we drove along the Lakeshore on the way, I started to visualize myself running along there tomorrow.  No problem, right?!  I should still be nice and fresh at that point.  My husband is starting to visualize himself making it to all of the cheering points we have decided on, and frankly, I think my job will be easier, just running along!  He is the one that has to organize the boys into the BOB.  Hopefully they will cheer on all of the runners they see, and avoid any melt-downs!

I still haven't decided on an exact pace for tomorrow.  I would LOVE to run under 9 minute miles, but we'll see.

Ok, time for goals.  I will add that my time goals for this race have evolved over the last couple of months.  Before finding out about my growing belly, I would have been ambitious enough to post goals around the 3:20-3:30 mark.  No such luck anymore :)  I will revisit those goals someday again, but not at this point in my life!!  With that said, my goals are...

goal C--to finish upright and moving!

goal B--under 4 hours

goal A--under 3:45

I know that my A goal is ambitious, but that is why it is in the "A" spot.  I will be very proud to finish the race at any time.  I have been feeling my speed slow with each passing week of my training, but I do still feel strong.  I think that is the important thing.  Slow. Strong. Steady.  Yay!

I can't wait to write my next post, as it means I will be typing about the race in past tense!!

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  1. Good luck at the race tomorrow. I hope the weather is good too.