Monday, September 6, 2010

Christmas came early!!

I arrived home late last night with my brother and the boys, so we could attempt to get some rest before this morning's race (which will get it's own posting later).  My loving and wonderful husband (who had to stay home this weekend due to work) had picked up both race kits in Oakville yesterday.  They were waiting for us on the kitchen table when we walked in the door.

He had written each of our names on our bags (how sweet!).  I assumed that this was because of a bib/chip mix-up from a race last year that was all my fault (long story).  We immediately started to look through our bags, (the shirts were way nicer this year, but unfortunately, they were all out of my size.  Oh, well.  Another size large for the pile!)  I love that the Oakville Half Marathon people put your name on the bib.  What a nice touch!
As I got to the bottom of my bag, I realized there was a little something extra at the bottom of my bag (I recognized the wrapping paper as our own).  It was a box, complete with a bow.  Could it be?  Is it what I think it is??!  Yes!!  It was a GARMIN!!!  Obviously, I was (am) ecstatic!  I really was surprised...thanks honey.

The extra added super-bonus was that my brother was here to help me figure out how to work it.  He has almost the same model, so he knew all of the ins and outs, and I plugged it in right away, and I went to bed even more excited about the race!

Aww. so pretty.
I now am the proud owner of a Garmin 405.  My husband deserves major kudos for researching all of the different models, and figuring out which one would suit me best.  It is obvious that I hinted around for a while, but I hadn't actually looked into which one I would want.  I didn't want a heart-rate monitor, but I wanted some of the cool functions/programs that my brother's has.  Voila! the Garmin 405 was the model for me :)  It does look quite big on my girlie wrist, but so, so worth it!!  I have only used it one time, and have only a small clue how to use some of the functions, but I really don't know how I have survived without it.  Listen to me, all in love with a watch.  But it's more than a watch!  Ok, enough already.

To recap...My husband rocks.  He is so supportive of me and this running thing.  He worked a night shift last night, only to rush home for 6am so my brother and I could head out the race.  He even looked chipper when we arrived home around 10:30am.  How does he do it?!  He deserves a medal!

Full race report to follow...

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