Saturday, September 4, 2010


I cannot believe how much the weather can change within one week.  I started the week with a long run that was sooo hot that I ruined my ipod due to excess-moisture (that's right, I sweat so much on my ipod that now it is completely useless).  The darn thing just starts up with a picture of "water" bubbles.  It is both disgusting and sad to me, but I will consider it a lesson learned.  Today, we woke to the sounds of a blustery wind against the house, and drizzle as we opened the garage door.  I dug out the boy's winter hats, as we were running early, and I wanted them to stay nice and toasty.  I know it wasn't "winter" cold out there, but it certainly was not warm.  It was about 12 C or 55 F, which does not include the drizzle and relentless wind!  I love the BOB, but when I push it into the wind, I might as well be pushing a parachute!
My bundled boys, ready to go!

I am hoping that somehow the weather of this week balances out before the race on Monday.  A nice sunny morning that is coolish would be lovely.  I have to admit, I liked wearing a bit more clothing today...I just like to ease into it gradually :)
I had to add the "bubble" (plastic screen) as the drizzle started :(

After our run, the boys and I packed up for Grandma's house.  We met uncle Scott and my sweet niece to go for a trip to the running shoe store.  Yay!  Unfortunately for me, the trip was a bit of a bust, as they didn't have my shoe in stock (ugh!!).  I had myself convinced that I really needed to get a new pair, but it will just have to wait.  I have been running in the Asics Nimbus for about 10 years now, and I think they are just part of me.  The Nimbus has changed over the years (some versions have been awesome, some have been duds, but they seem to be predictable, and quite cushy and cozy for my little feet).  I have only swayed from my beloved Nimbus two times, and both times, I ended up with injuries.  Coincidence?  Probably.  Will I be attempting a third time? No Way!!  My brother did manage to pick up a new pair (of Nimbus--yes, he is just as loyal as me!) so it wasn't a complete waste of time.  I also bought some jelly bellies, and two new water bottles (yahoo!).

While we were driving, we saw a car with a little bumper sticker that said "26.2".  "Oh, look!  Another runner!" I said.  I see people with personalized plates sometimes, bumper stickers, or even tattoos.  I think it is cool that people are showing off their passion.  I realized that I don't have anything like that.  I don't really even wear race shirts very often (yes, mostly because they can be very ill-fitting or awful colours).  As I sit here and blog away about this thing I do and love, I wonder how many people would guess that I am a runner if they didn't know that tidbit about me.  Sure, I guzzle water all day long, I rarely drink at parties because it isn't worth the pain on the run in the morning, I sometimes cringe in pain when I struggle down large sets of stairs after a long race, but those aren't tell-tale signs that I am a runner.  Most of my days are spent as an art teacher in a high school classroom.  My students are always shocked when I tell them I am a runner.
No, I am not planning a tattoo, or even a bumper sticker (both ideas freak me out equally).  I am happy just the way I am...somewhat anonymously living and working everyday with this little thing I do.

Happy weekend running!

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