Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to the heat

We arrived home from our lovely weekend away last night, with little energy for more than an evening watching the food network.  It has become a bit of an obsession around our house lately.  I have never been one for fancy food, so it surprises me that I am so into so many shows on this channel!  I just love watching these chefs create little masterpieces on a plate, even though I don't really see myself eating half of it.  I am not a seafood fan, and much of what is created on that channel involves scallops, fresh fish, etc. I guess I just love getting caught up in all of the fanciness of it.  Especially when there is competition involved.  Sign me up for an Iron Chef marathon any day! (watching, that is)...

So, as I lay on the couch with my feet up, I could not picture myself rising early to embark on a 32 kilometer (20 mile) run on a Monday morning.  Unfortunately, promises are promises, and I did commit to my training plan.  I forced the tv off at a reasonable hour, and headed to bed, trying to mentally prepare myself for the run.  All of this mental preparation landed me some interesting dreams!  I dreamt that I was late for a race, and was forced to run in a bathing suit and bare feet.  hmph.

I filled my handheld with rain berry gatorade, and my pockets with Sharkies (out of GU chomps--bummer).  I dug out my cell phone and ipod (yes, I carry too much while I run!!) and laced up my shoes.  I planned to do a 10 mile loop twice.  This way, I would pass by home in the middle for a pit stop and refill of the essentials.  During the first loop, as I was running along, my favourite people in the whole world stopped to cheer me on.  My husband was driving into town with the boys so they stopped when they saw me.  Nothing warms a mother's heart more than seeing her boy's big smiles in the back seat of the car.  "Milo run too?" said my little one, which melted my heart a bit.  I knew they loved all of those runs I have forced them on!  The next hour or so cruised along, no problems.  At about mile 14, my ipod stopped working (?!) so not only was I sad not to have the music, but I was sad to carry the dead weight.  It was heating up out there, and I was drinking through my liquids much faster than anticipated.  My mile 19, (the final stretch!) I was taking teeny sips, hoping to make it last.  I thought my shoes were going to melt to the road.  The last stretch of the loop is quite sunny (relentless sun and no wind, really).  I knew my parents were driving to our house for a visit, and I prayed that they would come along the road by chance to rescue me.  Sure enough, my prayers were answered.  With about a half of a mile to go, my other favourite people came along in their car.  They pulled to the side of the road, and said, "hey, want a ride?!"  I am sure they expected me to say, "no, I will meet you there!" but I was soooo not into proving my toughness at that point.  I feel bad that their lovely leather seats now are sweat-infused (eeeewww).
If mom and dad can't save you from the big, bad sun, who can?!

It really was a hot day, and it caught me a tiny bit off-guard, but at least the run is now behind me.  So I didn't make it the entire 32kms.  I am fine with 31 for this week :)

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