Friday, August 13, 2010

Family Run!

This morning was a special morning.  It isn't every day that my husband, myself, and the boys are all ready to go out for a run at the same time.  Today it happened!  We packed up some snacks, the boys, and laced up our shoes for a nice morning 7k run around the neighbourhood.  The boys were still sporting their jammies (ok, we are lazy and don't get them dressed too early when we don't have anywhere we have to be) which was just fine in my eyes as we took advantage of the nice cool 20 degree weather.  The boys especially enjoyed today's run, as it is garbage and recycling day, so they saw the trucks.  Boys LOVE this!

I balanced the camera on the recycle bin to snap a photo before we left

I have to admit it was strange to have my husband with me as we ran along.  We just chatted away as we made our way up the hills, down the streets and through the turns that make up the route.  We both happened to wear green shirts, so we kind of looked like a team!

Many years ago, before we had the boys, we lived near a long set of trails that followed a river.  I loved these trails for running, as they were scenic, and provided a great deal of shade in the summer months.  More often than not, the husband would join me when I went for runs, but he would bike along beside me.  It was awesome to have him there with me (especially because he always carried the camelbak full of water, so I literally had a hose of water at my disposal whenever I needed a drink!).  Going out together as a family is a fun way to relive some of those memories.  I am hoping that he will join me on some of my longer runs that are coming up (just him, his bike and the camelbak) as it would be nice to spend that time on the road chatting with him.  I start to forget what it's like to just chat and hang out (even if I am running at the same time) with him!

Here's to a good start to the weekend...I am running in a 10k race on Sunday morning, with a forecast that doesn't look promising :(  Hopefully it is a good race, regardless!

Happy Running

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