Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fergus Highland Games 10k Race Report

Just before getting into bed last night, I checked the weather report one last time.  Thunderstorms.  Ugh.  I dreamt of puddles, soakers and hovering away from danger on the route.  As I woke up this morning, no such thunder in sight.  Yay!  It was overcast, but race day seemed to be shaping into something that I could live with!!

It was humid, yes, but at least there were clouds covering the sun, so it wasn't a humid/sunny double whammy at least.  We packed the boys into the car, and headed to Fergus (about 20 minutes away).  Close to the race start there was a big play set (jackpot!) so the boys were entertained while we waited for the race to start.  There were lots of other children playing, and lots of other dads entertaining them, as we moms seem to be the ones that are running (?).  One dad made a joke about this too, which was funny.

Race start--waiting for the "Ready, set, GO!"
At the race start, I saw some familiar faces, which is always nice.  I like local races for this reason :)  Before I knew it, the gun was going off, and I was settling into a nice comfortable pace.  Kilometers 1-4 were right on target, and the scenery was fantastic.  After a water station at kilometer 4, we headed to the left, and up a steep (ugh) hill.  I usually like the challenge of a hill, but not while I am still trying to gulp back as much water as I can!  I did spill more than I ingested, but that is normal for me.  At kilometer 5, I checked my watch, to see that I had let myself slip a bit behind my target pace (woops).  I had passed a couple of other runners, and I was feeling so good that I just assumed I was doing well :)
I accepted the fact that I was off-pace, and decided to enjoy the view.  On overcast days the green in the trees and grass just looks so rich, and this course covered a lot of green areas in the countryside, so I couldn't help but take it all in.  (No wonder I was off-pace!)
Before long, I was at kilometer 7...woah, where did those last few kilometers go?  I decided it was time to start pushing it to the finish.  I really don't like crossing the finish line with energy left to spare.  I pushed past a couple of runners, and focused on the bagpipes I could hear blaring away in the distance.  I could see it.  The big, red words, "Finish Line" up ahead of me.  Yay!  Even more exciting, the handsome guy behind a double stroller with two of the cutest boys I have ever seen (if I do say so myself).
"Mama, are you finishing your run now," yelled Elliott.  "You bet!" I said.  I came across the line in 46:ish.  Not a personal best, but they can't all be personal bests, can they?

We made our way to the post-race snack area, and I couldn't help but feel accomplished.  Yes, I have run further in races.  Yes, I have run faster.  But I loved this race, and felt so good while I was out there.  How can I not feel good about that?!

There I am (that little speck) running toward the finish
My number one fan!
After returning home from the race, we began packing up for a camping trip we are embarking on beginning Monday.  I have high hopes that the boys will enjoy themselves, and that the provincial park will have some nice running trails!

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