Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Friday

Just as I am getting used to the 'family runs' my husband and I have been enjoying with the boys, I am realizing that they will soon come to an end. This morning our run was nothing short of perfect. Sure, the boys fought a little over blankets (even though they each had their own) but the fact that they needed blankets was lovely. The temperature was cooland sunny at 7:30 when we left, and remained that way for the whole 7kms.
During the run, Elliott announced that he would like a cat and a dog (not happening) as pets. He is definitely his father's son when it comes to animals. Poor kid. His little bro's allergies to dogs will prevent him from the pet experience, but it makes me glad to know he will enjoy visiting the pets of our friends and relatives in years to come.
We are headed out of town for the weekend (sniff, of the last summer weekends!) and I have packed my running things hoping I can squeeze in some running/sight seeing into the weekend. My long run will have to wait until Monday though, as I am not interested in running for a few hours in an unfamiliar place.
Here's to a great weekend of visiting with family, eating well, and (hopefully) lots of sunshine! Oh, and a hotel with a pool. Elliott keeps reminding me of this crucial detail :)

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