Friday, August 6, 2010

Is it already Friday!?!

Is there some sort of law of being a runner that states that when you don't get out for a run on a day you had full intentions on doing so, that the rest of the world has to go out and run while you are driving in your car?  I feel like this has to be true somedays.

Today just got away from me, and I had lots to do, and zero time left to fit in a run.  This happens to all of us, (some more than others?) but today I really thought I would be able to squeeze it in.  It is now 9pm, and after a very fun-filled (and food-filled) visit with some friends, I just don't have any energy left to tie up my laces and get out there.  On my drive to the grocery store this morning, I saw many runners out enjoying this gorgeous day, and on two other drives (I seem to miss runs when I am trapped driving in my car, I guess) I saw people out letting that cool breeze we haven't seen in a while flow into their lungs.  I wanted to stick my head out the window and say, "hey, I will be running later!" if only to make myself feel better, and a teeny bit nuts at the same time.

I am excited to take the boys out for an early morning run tomorrow.  I love loading them into the BOB, still in their jammies, with snacks and a few toys.  The "BOB" of course, is my double running buggy, that I truly would be lost without.  It is the smoothest ride, (not that I have ever actually taken a ride in it--some days I really wish it was me being pushed along!) and has a lot of features that make the run with 2 boys under 3 roll along, no problem!  Like the individual sun visors, that cover further than most, the swivel front wheel, perfect especially with all of the turns in my neighbourhood, the five-point harnesses (for my squirmy-worms!) and the snack/cup holders.  Sure, I hate having to push all of that up some of the big hills on my route, but that is what makes me stronger, I keep telling myself!
Milo in the single BOB
Milo and Elliott in the double BOB--a common sight after a longer run!

On an unrelated note, I am so happy to have a couple of comments!  It is so nice that a few people have seen my blog (yes, I know, some are family members--but still!!).  I appreciate the comments, and I have intentions on adding a list of other's blogs that I follow soon (as soon as I gain a grasp of all of this technology!).

Speaking of technology, wrist technology may be in my future (yes, I speak of the garmin).  I have put the bug in my husband's ear, that it may be a reeaaally nice reward for finishing the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon at the end of September.  I have done a couple of marathons in the past, but it was so long ago that I feel like I am training and running this one as my *first*, again.  My first marathon was 10 years ago (I was just a young pup, 21 years old!) and my second was 8 years ago.  I wish I could go back in time and tell myself everything I now know about running--and time.  I had all the time in the world to train back then!  Why did I waste so much of it sleeping in?!?

I hope that when my husband reads this blog (if your husband doesn't read your blog, who does?!) he will see that I am putting this garmin/reward thing in print, so the seriousness is there!  I love him so much and I know that he values all training tools that will help his little runner-wife, right?!

Here's to a great weekend :)


  1. Funny that you mention that you would like to tell everyone that you will be running later. I caught someone almost laughing at me for doing basically the same thing. I was picking up your race kit at the running room (for the 10k bridge race) and I think that I told the lady working at the pick-up a few to many times that my wife picked mine up earlier. I guess I wanted to be sure they knew I was a runner also.

  2. So true...I want to make it real clear to EVERYONE--even people that probably don't care/judge me!

  3. AMY!
    Can you recommend a website that I could follow for training as a beginner runner?? Thanks :D

  4. stephanie--I love the Runner's World website, as it has lots of tips, articles, and even training plans that you can personalize based on a goal race, time, etc. You don't have to have a subscription to the magazine to gain access to the website.
    I am in Canada, and here we have a new(ish) magazine called iRun. (they send out free copies). Their website also has a lot of training tips and articles geared toward new runners. I frequent both websites regularly :)

  5. Thank you - PS: this is Stephanie Chartrand