Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Update Part Two

I felt like tonight's run deserved it's own post.  It was 3k Time Trial night at the track!  I run intervals on Tuesday nights at a local track with the Guelph Victors.  They are a great (and talented!) group of runners, obviously in Guelph, that have a lot of fun and work really hard at the same time.  They organize local races and really are a community staple in my eyes.

Every couple of months (when it's nice out) they hold a 3k time trial.  I find it tricky to make it to all of them, with kids, a husband with a crazy schedule, etc.  The last 3k time trial I made it to was April 13, so I was happy to be able to attend this evening's run.  My husband decided to run the time trial too (yay!) so it became a family event.  I packed the BOB full of snacks, toys and books for the boys, and told them to cheer everyone on as they ran by.  We would see them from the track every 400 meters, so hopefully they wouldn't get lonely?!  They did very well to wave and cheer, and Milo only cried a little near the end.  It did make mommy try to run a bit faster, so it was all good.  Milo was yelling, "Milo's running turn?" over and over by the time I finished.  So cute.  They just love that track (gush!).

The 3k was a good one.  I feel like I ran strong the entire time.  It wasn't my fastest, but I was happy with my 12:30 finish.  My time in April was 11:58, but hey, what can you do?!  I am not super-proud to have gobbled up another 30 seconds in the 7 1/2 times around that track, but my boys cheered me on like I was the number one finisher!

After we finished the time trial, we were to run 2 x 800m.  My husband and I each took one of them, as we couldn't leave the munchkins unattended at the side of the track, and there was no way they were going to accept being shoved back into the BOB.  He took the first 800, and I took the second.   I feel like my break was a little long in between, so I lost some momentum.  It felt hard to get up to pace.  I finished that 800 in 3:06.

It was so nice to have the boys with us at the track.  I love watching them run and cheer.  Perhaps it is because I am secretly hoping it will tire them out so much that they will sleep that much better?!  My other favourite thing is the pasta I am about to eat as a lovely little recovery dinner!

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