Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Quaint (10 mile) Country Run

As soon as school was out in June, I decided I would try my best to add a 10 mile run to the middle(ish) of the week.  I know a few other people that do this, and once it is part of the routine, it seems just normal to go out for more than an hour on a Thursday morning.  I have kept at it, and this morning I enjoyed it quite a bit.  I often do a loop that takes me through my little town, out into the country, then through an even smaller town, (village, really) Eden Mills.  I just love running through Eden Mills.  It is so cute and quiet, and it is full of houses and buildings with character.  Every year, they hold a Writer's Festival there, and it attracts some of Canada's best writers.  You literally walk through the town and stop at locations (mostly people's backyards) to listen to readings.  It is just an amazing experience if you are up for trying something new!
Today I ran into a friend in Eden Mills, so I had a quick break while we chatted at the side of the road.  I also saw a woman with two of the cutest little dachshunds.  I resisted the urge to stop and pet the little doggies, but it was a struggle on my part.  I have a weakness for wiener dogs :)  Until just over a year ago, we had a little wiener dog named Lola.  I still miss her lots...and seeing other little floppy-eared dogs reminds me of this.  Wiener dogs aren't exactly running dogs though.  They are really good at assisting in the post-run flop on the couch that sometimes happens!
Lola--cutest, shortest little dog ever!
I have no idea how long it took me to complete my 10 mile loop this morning.  As I still remain watch-less (this may be a *hint hint* for someone) I am just gaging my runs by how far through my ipod playlist I am by the time I return home.  My guess is somewhere around 1:25ish.

I am off to bake some Peanut Butter cookies for my husband.  He seems to be forming a bit of an addiction to them lately!  He is very lucky I am grossed out by eating cookie dough, so the entire batch will be there for him when he gets home :)

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