Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday update Part One

We finally feel like we are falling back into a routine here at home, after another couple of days away...just in time for dreaded September to creep into our lives again :(

We drove to my parent's house on Saturday night, hoping to wake up to some sunshine and time in their pool Sunday morning.  It was nice waking up at Grandma and Grandpa's house, but there was no sunshine in sight.  Just rain and wind.  That was okay with me, though, as I had a long run in store, so less sun and heat always is a nice change in the summer time!

My brother came over, and we loaded up my husband with a backpack of gatorade, (yep, rain berry flavour) GU chomps, water, and jelly belly sport beans.  He planned on biking along with us down the country roads of our long run.  It was awesome to have him along, not just because he carried all of the supplements we would need, but for bonding time between him, my brother and me.  We chatted about all things running (as my brother and I do often) and everything in between.  My brother is a great person to run with, especially for good conversation.  It also helps that he has a Garmin that keeps track of our distance, etc. so we know whether we are on-track (or not!).

We ran just over 16 miles in 2:02.  We did have to add in a pit-stop when we got into "town" (about half way).  I really felt the wind on the stretch home, but it was a nice cool run, so I have no complaints.  It is too bad we weren't in much of a cooling off mood when we returned to my parent's house, because it isn't every day that I can just jump into a cool and refreshing swimming pool, but sometimes the planets just don't align like we want them to :)

I completely forgot to use my recovery socks after the run (I even remembered to pack them, which is hard for me!) but I wasn't any worse for wear.  I took Monday as a day off anyway.

I only wish we had brought our camera for the long run (especially with an *assistant* on a bike with a backpack!) but we forgot.  No photos of us plugging along in the wind.  I should find some stock photos of my brother and I running together and add them soon.

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