Monday, August 2, 2010

Track time!

Tonight my brother and I went to the local high school track for intervals.  Normally I do intervals on Tuesday nights with a group near my house, but I am visiting my parents (sans kids!) due to a girl's shopping trip that I am taking tomorrow (yeeeehaw!).

The local track happens to be my old high school track, and its nice red bouncy rubber always brings back memories of grade nine phys. ed, and all of the extra laps my teacher made me do because I was a tad mouthy (tisk tisk!).  All of those extra laps made me a better runner, I like to think.

We did 1600, 1200, 800, 400, 400.  We wanted to keep a 6:20/mile pace the whole time.  My brother and his fancy garmin were in charge of making this happen.

After a few laps of warm-up, we started our first set.  We remained on pace, and feeling good.  I love this particular work-out because the hard part is behind you as you progress, which is AWESOME.

The third set was a real downer for me.  I cheaped out of my 800, and made it into a 400.  I watched my brother zoom around the track for the second lap as I caught my breath.  Ah, well.  There will be other perfect runs.  Not tonight.  The next 400m set was 26seconds too fast.  I guess my break was a little more than I needed.  Next week I will try to stay on-track, but for tonight, I am just excited knowing I will be getting my "cardio" by shopping for 2 days straight!!

A bonus of the evening was the discovery of a fantastic new (to me?) Gatorade flavour, Rain Berry.  Mmmmmmmm!  I think it's my new fave.  I will definitely be stocking up on this stuff!  Thanks to my brother, Scott, for bringing it along!


  1. Thanks Amy for the interval workout. My wife is getting excited to cross train with you tomorrow.

  2. That is some FAST intervals. Garmins are AWESOME!! I highly recommend anyone training get a Garmin, worth every penny...

    Thanks for your email :)