Friday, August 20, 2010

Week's end wrap-up

It's Friday evening already...the week flew by in a flash.  After Sunday's race (btw, I finished 3rd in my age group!) we packed up to go camping Monday, in Awenda Provincial Park.
The weather was beautiful for camping, and the boys were quite excited to be back on a campsite surrounded by nature.  We were camping in July, and they have been eager to get back out there!  Being able to take them to the beach, and cook giant marshmallows were highlights of the trip.
The roasting of the giant marshmallows--the pic doesn't do the size justice!
Elliott enjoying the marshmallow goo!

I wish I was coordinated enough to carry along a camera while running, as the trails in Awenda are so scenic.  They are perfectly shaded, and only a tiny bit hilly, so running even in the middle of the day is pleasant!  I don't often have the chance to enjoy running on trails, as it can be hard with the double buggy.  Maybe someday I will do this regularly, as Rockwood, where I live, has some beautiful trails in the conservation area.  For now we will just enjoy them for family nature walks!

While we were on our camping adventure, we went to visit some of my husband's family, as they live in the area.  His uncle still, after all these years, can't get over some of the distances I *enjoy* running.  He really thinks I have some marbles missing in my head.
It is hard to explain the joy of the challenge to people sometimes.  It is hard to articulate the fact that I often drive down hilly roads near my house and think, "this would be a great run" to anyone that isn't into 'pain for fun'.  Even I don't understand all of the science behind the 'runner's high' I know that I chase.  I just know that when I am out on a race course and I am really pushing myself, I often think about how proud I am that I can work so hard at something.  And, let's not forget the amazing feeling of crossing the finish line.  Who isn't thinking about doing another race?  The amount of times I have thought, "when is the next race?" while holding a banana, bottle of water, with a bagel tucked under my arm are too many to count.

I was supposed to (sign up and) run the Midsummer Night's Run this weekend in Toronto, but last week I decided against it.  I was planning to do the 15km, but it just isn't going to fit into my training schedule.  I have to do a 30km run on Sunday, and I just cannot do both in one weekend.  I realize there is a 30km option in the Midsummer Night's run, but I would not be racing the distance, so I am opting to save myself the race fee.  Besides, I would have to go to the race alone, run it alone, blah, blah, blah, so I think I will mark it on my calendar for next year, and keep my Around the Bay 30k memories for this year :)

Happy weekend running!

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