Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun

Halloween was one chilly day!  M and I started the day with a long run, which was really smart considering all of the candy we would consume later in the evening!  I am so proud of the two of us, out there in the cold with our growing bellies.  We braved some fierce wind, and some hills that seem to be growing in size as we grow in size :)  Our boys love trick-or-treating together, (well, they love doing anything together) so we agreed to meet up after dinner for the big trick-or-treat fest of this year.  They have been going out together on Halloween since our oldest boys were just one year olds.  So exciting!

Because my husband had to work (I feel so bad that he missed out on such a great evening) I had the always amusing task of getting the boys all costumed up and ready to go.  Milo was not looking forward to his costume, so I had to force him into it in the end.  He did get over his sadness when the candy and treats started flowing!  All of the boys ran from house to house, Milo yelling, "Come on, Mama, Party Party!".  So cute for such a little guy.

My little mummies had a great night, and we were all exhausted by the time we reached home again.  I am so happy to have our little Halloween tradition with the kids!

Two batmans, Two mummies, ready to head out and get some loot!

I should be heading out to start to burn off all of the candy I have 'looted' from the treat bags the boys brought home!!

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