Thursday, November 18, 2010

I know I have said this before...

But some things are just worth repeating.  I am the luckiest person I know.  No, I don't win things often, (or ever!) or swim in piles of cash and jewels.  I have a life so full of wonderful people that I love, that luck must have something to do with it.

I feel lucky to have the best, most supportive parents anyone could imagine.  I have siblings (and sibling-in-laws) that are so great to be around.  Family events (and with the way my family is growing, they are events these days) are so full of laughter, stories, and fun.  My parent's house is so welcoming and full of life and I hope that one day I will have a home that my children want to come home to with their families so willingly!

I am a teacher, and I teach students that sometimes feel incredible amounts of pressure to be someone that they are not, ("My son is going to be a doctor" is something that I do hear often) and I am truly grateful to my parents for getting to know who I was as a kid, to know me well enough to encourage my strengths.  I know they were frustrated with me and my teenage antics at times, but I feel like I am the person I am today because of all of their support and love through those years.  I wasn't that good at playing baseball as a kid, but my parents didn't miss my games.  I was never afraid to show them my report cards.  They fought with me to finish dinners that I didn't want to eat (character building?!) and showed up at graduation ceremonies, big races, and snapped photos with pride.  How can I not feel lucky?!

I know, sappy stuff.  I feel that because I have this blog, I can say whatever I want, no matter how sappy it is.  So that is all I have to say for today...nothing to do with running, I know, but sometimes you have to write about just what it is that you're thinking about while out in the fresh air, running along.

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  1. awww, love this post Amy. I are an incredibly lucky person. I almost want to join your family after that description!