Monday, April 8, 2013

Almost Race-Ready!

I guess it would be too late to feel unprepared at this point...
The countdown is officially on. Less than one week from now, my second Boston Marathon will be over. Just seven more sleeps!

I am known to be a procrastinator in many aspects of my life...(don't ask how much marking I need to complete this week. Ugh) but running/training is something that is impossible to ignore. You can't 'cram' for a race.  It's a long process that intentions alone will not complete.

It doesn't hurt that running is such a habit at this point that it would feel weird if I wasn't getting out there, plugging away at some sort of goal race.

Yesterday my friend M and I did a lovely 10-mile race. I thought it would be a nice training run!  The race itself is is held at a golf course, along the cart paths.  They host a super-yummy brunch afterwards (sandwiches, beef or veggie chili, salads dessert, coffee/tea)!  They also offer showers and lockers, and a great race kit with a (really nice) jacket!  What more could a runner want?

Well...for starters, less wind. And second, less chances of rain!  The entire ride there, I was sure we were going to finish the race looking like drowned rats. I brought my hat, as I thought it would help keep rain out of my eyes. (because of the wind, it blew off my head and I had to run back and fetch it--classy!)

All in all, it was a great training run. M and I chatted and enjoyed the scenery. It was very relaxed, and we finished in just over 1:22mins. Certainly not. PB, but hopefully I'm saving that for Boston!!

No photos of the race...I didn't want to run with my phone in case it actually started raining!

Happy Running!

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