Friday, May 6, 2011

Soggy Buggy

This morning started with optimism.  I decided to take my two older boys on a run to "beat the rain" early.  Elliott's bus stop is on my usual running route, so I decided to do the run first, and sort of end up at the stop, with just half a km to run home with just one kid in the double.

By the time we reached the end of the street, the rain began.  Ugh.  "Mama, it feels misty," Elliott said.  Yeah, well, at least your under the canopy.  I did do some advanced planning, and put my iphone in a baggie, and brought along the "bubble".  The Bubble is what we call the plastic rain cover for the BOB.  Half way through the run, it was time to stop and install the Bubble.  At which point, my two year old decided to scream and cry.  He hates the bubble.  I had to compromise, and let him push it back from his side.  Nothing makes me feel like a mom more than having an argument with a two year old at the side of the road at 7:45am...

We survived the run, and I have to admit that the double is a bit heavier with two bigger kids than the single and a newborn!  Add in some rain and wind, and you have yourself a workout!

Here's hoping there are more sunny days to come :)

Happy Running

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