Friday, January 25, 2013


I am a very proud Canadian. I love the change of seasons we experience throughout the year, and it is lovely to watch the snow fall in the winter especially. Of course, there is a "but" to insert here...

As much as winter is a pretty time, it is also so, so cold occasionally. Just over a week ago, we were running in mild temperatures, watching the snow melt.  This week all of that came to an abrupt halt.  I ran in huge fluffy flakes on Saturday (with high winds, ugh) and by Monday, I questioned whether my nose was still attached to my face, as I couldn't feel it anymore after the first five miles.

I do think I am good at dressing for the weather, as I have been running in the cold (with no alternate option) for many years now. It is just that I enjoy feeling my cheeks (all of them!) when I return home, especially returning from longer runs.

So. With the cold getting colder by Tuesday, I decided to take my runs inside for a bit. My school has a gym, equipped with a couple of treadmills (thank goodness I am not into 'bells and whistles' because these machines are very basic) so I decided to utilize my lunch hour to get my runs in. Running at lunch, combined with my before-school-swimming, means TWO public showers each day.  I feel like I am packing for a small vacation every morning when I leave the house, as that is a lot of gear to haul around!

I have always disliked running on the treadmill. It is sooooo boring, running along, going absolutely nowhere. I decided to glance at the time occasionally, and imagine where I would be at that point on my usual route. Worked like a charm. I distracted myself by playing with the incline, trying to mimic the hills I usually encounter when outside.   Before I knew it, I had finished my run, and I was warm (ok, hot) and I didn't have to worry about taking off many layers, drying out mittens, and scraping snow and ice off of my shoes!

So I went back for the rest of the week!  Indoor pool.  Indoor run. I am simulating my very own summer!  Except no sunburns. Or Mosquitos. Or vacation.

My two oldest monkeys decided to try on some of my swimming gear before bath time, and they chose their poses...

look, Mama, I'm swimming!

I guess this is a 'chilling by the pool' pose?

By tomorrow, the weather should be a bit less brutal, and I will return to the slush roads.

Happy Running...bundle up!!

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