Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day!!

Around these parts, winter is long, and a regular part of doing business. Some winters are mild (last year) and some winters are all over the map (this year).  In the past three weeks, we have had super-cold winds (when I actually went on the dreadmill) then rain (I ran in Capri pants with my sleeves rolled up at 6am) and now, a real, live winter storm (!!)

The neighbourhood was quiet and so, so snowy!

The snow started last night. I didn't have a whole lot of hope though. With school the next morning, it always feels like a long shot when they are talking (praying, hoping) about a possible snow day (!).  As a teacher, I am just as eager as the kids to hear those two wonderful words at 6am, "school's cancelled!"

When my alarm went off, I got up with little thought to the snow. Then I looked out, and decided I had better check the news 'just in case'. I was going in early to swim before work, so I really would have hated to drive all the way there before a snow day was declared :/

After a bit of back-and-forth (texts, website checking) it actually happened!  Yippee! Snow Day for my entire family!! (Hubs happened to have the day off anyway.  In his line of work they don't actually declare snow days. Ever.)

So. Much. Snow.

Papa and the boys should open a shovelling company. It's kind of a one-man-with-two-cute-snow-angels kind of deal though. But guaranteed laughs.

I decided that I should take advantage of being home for the day, and get a run in.  Boston doesn't wait on the weather (as I learned last year) so I should just suck it up and be happy for the experience (I'm not gonna lie here...if I had actually been at school today, I would have mustered up the gumption to get on the treadmill for sure...).

So, off I ran.  I wore my yak trax, but really should have worn snow shoes. Woah. Some areas were good workouts of "high-knees" (my calves will be screaming by morning) due to the foot and a half of snow I had to trudge through. I did feel like I was running in quick sand at some points.  It wasn't bad once I found my groove, literally (the lonesome tracks, or 'grooves' left by the one or two cars that braved going out today).  It was nice to be out in the middle of the street without worrying about any cars (which did make me question why I had bothered).  I saw lots of kids toting sleds down the streets, teenagers shovelling away, and all of those luxury people with their snow blowers (ah, money).

I came home after 10km (in an hour.  Snow=Slow!) and I looked like a snow man...

Even my eyebrows were full of snow!

Here's hoping we can keep the driveway clear for more than 15 minutes at a time for the rest of the day...

p.s.  I take full credit for this snow day, by the way.  I was up late making 2 dozen cupcakes for Elliott's class.  I figured that if I didn't bake them (on the off-chance that there was a snow day) I would look like a bad mom, and if I did, the effort would balance out into some sort of planning-karma that would end in this lovely day!  It worked!!

Now we have 2 dozen (kind of unfortunately-decorated) cupcakes to take to a party tomorrow night! Win, Win.

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