Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's up next?

Did I get gobbled up by iRun?  It seems as though lately, I have!
I know, shabby links to posts I am making over at iRun are kind of lame, but really, it is because I have been busy, three kids, running lots, blah blah, excuse, blah.

I have been out on the roads prepping like a mad woman for the race(s) of a lifetime! And, no, I don't mean Boston!  In just two and a half weeks I will be toeing the line at Disney's Half Marathon in Florida.  Then, as if that wasn't exciting enough, I will be getting up the next morning (ok, the middle of the night, but more about that later) to line up for the Disney Marathon!!  Yes!  I am doing the Goofy Challenge!!
They call runners that do both the Half Marathon and the Full Marathon, "Goofy Challengers"  You get an extra medal AND t-shirt!  Am I nuts?!

Years ago when I first heard this existed, I thought it would be so great to try.  Then I found out that the race always occurs in the first half of January.  Boo!  I am a teacher.  How am I going to get time off to head down to Florida when I have just started back at school after the two-week Christmas break?! ugh.  I know, I could fly down for the weekend, but I have small children.  I don't normally think of myself as 'parent of the year', but going to Disney for two days (2 days in which I wouldn't really be able to walk, what with all the racing involved) only would not go over well in my family.
So.  Long story short: When I figured out that I would be on a maternity leave this January, I decided it would be my (last) chance to use my January freedom!  Yay!

I signed up last spring.  The races seemed sooo far away.  Plenty of time to train, right?!

Then, I woke up and it was December.  Yep, the month right before January.  Race month.  Yikes!  I have been running, of course, but I needed ample time to panic too.  Throw in the big news about Boston, and you have a mama that has been (smartly) training away, hoping to stay in tip-top shape!

I plan to have a great time running at Disney.  I plan to take lots of photos.  I plan to watch my kids have a blast (and hopefully fit in some outlet shopping?!)!

I will post more on the count down to Disney--but first I need to get ready for Christmas!

Happy Running!

and...if you want to read my current iRun post, it is HERE

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