Friday, December 23, 2011

The stockings are hung...

Wow...only 2 more sleeps until Christmas day.  It is so crazy how Christmas evolves when there are kiddies involved.  Back in the old days, when it was just my husband, me, and our dog, things were so different.  So laid back.  We even had a stocking for Lola the dog.  Yeesh.  Our mantle wouldn't have enough space for her anymore, as it is overrun with human stockings!

Obviously, the white skate belongs to Mama :)

The house is abuzz with Christmas excitement.  The boys can't wait to get those milk and cookies out for Santa, and I can't wait until they are in dream land with those sugar plums dancing in their heads!  (Then the wrapping and preparing really begins--can I get it all done without the assistance of something yummy and alcoholic to drink?!)  I sure hope so, as a hangover on Christmas morning would hurt!

On a related note, I still have to run and train throughout the holidays.  It is actually quite nice to get out there (especially in the pretty snow) but it is also nice to snuggle up with the boys in our jammies.  A training plan is a training plan, though, so it looks like I will be out there, plugging away, even on Christmas!  I have a super-star runner telling me what to do for training now...did I mention this?  The lovely people at Adidas have set me up with Nicole Stevenson, who has created a training plan for me, in hopes of preparing me for Boston.  I love having a plan, and I love that she knows what she is doing!

...but I also have to love running on Christmas!!

Happy Holiday Running!

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