Monday, December 26, 2011

I need a nap!

Why is it, that by boxing day evening I feel the holiday 'hangover', whether I over-indulged or not?!

I am wiped out.  Acting as a super-lego/playmobil/random toy assembly expert for two straight days, as well as a chocolate-confiscator, dinner-maker, referee, cleaner-upper, and general hug-and-kisser is tiring.  All whilst getting some running time in...phew!  No wonder the couch is calling my name?!
Santa's cookie plate(s)

Running on Christmas day is kind of a treat.  I haven't actually run on Christmas day in a few years, but I am glad I had the chance this year.  I overdressed (it was so nice and mild--sorry to those of you that had wished for a white Christmas!) but other than that, the traffic was light, and the air just felt calm.  I went out for an easy 10k, and when I returned home, I realized that I had run a tad faster than I intended.  Perhaps I was eager to get back into my jammies to enjoy the Christmas laziness around the house?!
Super-thrilled with their measuring tapes!  Santa knows his stuff.

This morning I went out for 12 miles, and although it was windy, it was mild again (no, I didn't learn my lesson--I overdressed once again).  It was nice to take a break both yesterday and today, to take in the fresh air, and know I am still on-track for the crazy race weekend that is less than 2 weeks away!

Happy Holiday Running!

p.s.  Not to make Christmas all about STUFF, but I thought I would mention...Santa brought me some lovely new running gear, including a nice warm running jacket!  Also, our boys were thrilled that the big guy was generous to them too.  They also couldn't believe he actually ate most of the cookies we left out for him :)
Gifts (and kiddies) under the tree

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