Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the Road Again!

ready to head out!
Last night was my first time out.  I was so excited to get going.  The weather was fantastic.  I figured my enthusiasm for the run would make up for my new lack of physical ability.  I decided to make my route a modest 3km run, as I didn't want to get hurt (my pride more than anything!).

My husband was glad to have a little time with the baby--sans Mama!
I set out at dusk, and it was such a lovely evening that there were birds chirping in the trees and lots of people out walking their dogs enjoying the neighbourhood.  I couldn't believe how great it felt to run along, without being 'front heavy'.  I knew Oliver was safe at home, hanging out with his Papa.

I feel so lucky to be out running again, 2 weeks after having the baby.  The spring weather has helped with motivation big time.  My other two boys were born in the snowy winter, so I really had to dig deep to force myself out there in the ice and wind for those dreaded first runs back into it.  It is also race season, so I have my eye on some finish lines within the next couple of months!

I am going to take it easy over the next few weeks...leaving the Garmin at home, taking rest time between runs, and keeping the length of my runs shortish.  It was so tempting to keep running last night, but I thought better of it, and decided that longer runs will come with time.

I can't wait to get out there again...perhaps not today, but tomorrow for sure.  It won't be long before I can head out with my new little guy in tow.  Here's hoping he likes the BOB as much as the other two!

Happy Running :)

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