Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Recap

What an amazing Christmas!  It was nice to celebrate a low-key Christmas at our house, now that it is all said and done.  I have to admit, I hate it when my husband's schedule dictates how and when we see our families, and this year I was sad not to see our families on the 'big day'.  I did comment that we saved ourselves a lot of energy (and calories!) by staying home for Christmas day.  Our boys enjoyed opening their stockings with just me Christmas morning, and managed quite well throughout the day leaving their Christmas gifts alone under the tree until Papa arrived home from work.  The gift mayhem was unbelievable when he did finally arrive, but it was so cute and awesome to have Papa home to enjoy the magic of Santa gifts!

The boys early Christmas morning, eager to dig into their stockings!
We enjoyed a fantastic Christmas dinner...a roasted chicken (mmmm, the house smelled turkey-ish?) sweet potatoes, green beans, gravy, etc.  It was just festive enough for me :)  It was nice to let the boys stay in their snowman jammies all day long (they pulled up to the table, still in them!).  They asked about Grandma and Grandpa many, many times all day, but they will have a chance to celebrate the season with them next week, so we are 'spreading the love'!

It doesn't look fancy, but we did use the good china AND a table cloth!!
I am excited to have another week of holiday time...

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job.  I just happen to love spending time with my kids, not having to get out of yoga pants for days at a time :)  The inevitable will happen...I will have to go in to school and teach some more in January, but I am hoping to go back all refreshed and relaxed!

On Christmas day, Milo came out of the living room with some interesting ornaments...
For some reason, he grabbed a bunch of my running medals from their hiding spot in a basket, and wore them around the house for a while.  The novelty faded when more toys were opened, but still, it was kind of cute :)  Way to make Mama feel proud, kid!

I hope to get out for some running this week...I have a neighbour that is home from college, (he is on a running scholarship in the States) that is really starting to make me feel guilty.  He runs by my house every day, all fit and not-pregnant, running like he is barely breaking a sweat!!  I know he is a totally different class of crazy-runner, but it still hurts the ego a little to be gazing out the window (in the least stalker-ish way, I assure you) with a sugar cookie in one hand, and tea in the other, when he runs by in perfect form ;)

Happy Boxing day!

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