Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 photos!

Well, 2012 is coming to an end. In a matter of hours, it will be a brand new year, and in a lot of ways, I am happy about that!

It was a busy year...I became an aunt two more times, with two nephews born in January...
Papa's twin bro's baby
My bro and his baby

Papa and I ran the Disney Half marathon together:

...followed by my Goofy full marathon the very next day, and some Disney fun that (we hope) the kids will remember for years to come!

I trained my butt off with Nicole Stevenson while blogging for iRun (a definite highlight of the year). I managed to muster up the courage to return to work when Olly turned one...which made me realize my house would probably never be clean again :(
That wasn't completely true, but close to it!

Me and Olly after a long run together while training for Boston

My family endured the overwhelming shock of my dad's heart attack, and subsequent hard, but he is doing very well these days!

We traveled to Boston for the hottest (almost) PW (personal worst) marathon!  But it was so worth it.  I had a major sunburn, but the medal will hang on my wall forever!

I ran a PB at the Goodlife marathon a couple of weeks later...

Check out that giant medal!

Then another PB when I won the CHOK Bridge race!

Summer took us on a road trip to the maritimes, and before I knew it, it was time to return to school in September :(

Olly and Papa at the Shediac Lobster

We survived the long haul from September until December...without too many bumps and bruises...(only one trip to the ER isn't all that bad, eh?)

All of that Halloween candy must have kept our immune systems up (?)

I feel so lucky to have amazing friends and family in my life.  I thank my parents for being the most awesome couple, having raised three great kids (if I do say so) who love and care for each other and their families.
Here's to 2013...resolutions to come!!

Chaos is our family name!

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