Saturday, September 24, 2011

Twas the night before Race day...

My littlest sweetheart
I can't believe in just two short days my little man Oliver is going to be 6 months old.  Time flies when you're feeding/changing/loving little ones!  Oh, and having fun at the same time.

Tomorrow is my first half marathon since having the little guy, and if I must be honest, I pictured it all going down much different than it looks like it is going to tomorrow.  To start, said 6 month old is fighting an awful cold.  All week he has been up hundreds  several times throughout the night, and it is killing me slowly.  I would dream of more than an hour of sleep in a row if I could keep my eyes closed long enough.  Yes, yes, I have the best husband in the world, who is loving and supportive and always pacing the floor with me and the little one if need be, but he has been on night shift all week, so boo!  This causes my usual chipper self to suffer, I assure you.

If that wasn't enough to stress me out about this race, today (surprise, surprise) I was hit with the same cold bug.  Now I know why Oliver has been so miserable :(

Of course I have to run the race anyway. I just hope it doesn't end with me at the sidelines worrying about getting my timing chip back to the nice people at sportsats due to a DNF!

They say if you are sick, to drink lots of fluids.  They say if you are running a race you should drink lots of fluids.  They say if you are breastfeeding a baby you should drink lots of fluids.  I figure I should just tap an IV and settle in for the night!?

If I pull off this race tomorrow I will be so happy.  If I pull off this race tomorrow without the assistance of drugs I will be my own personal hero (kidding, really).

I am proud of myself though (insert sounds of my own horn tooting here) for racing my sixth race in the six months since having the baby.  I know that I am still building my running back into the running I want it to be, but hearing the gun go off tomorrow (perhaps that gun sound will help un-block the fuzzy ringing in my ears from this cold?) will help me to feel that I am on my way.

Elliott and Milo
Happy Running/Racing!

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