Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is it too early to wish for spring?

For Valentine's day my husband bought me a couple of running magazines.  He is so romantic, and he really does know what kinds of things make me happy.  Waay better than chocolate!  As I read the magazines, (it takes a bit of time even to read magazines in this crazy busy household) I am getting more and more eager to get out there and run this spring :)  I feel lucky that my closest running friend (who's baby is due in less than a week!!) will also be eager to get out on the road, so it will be nice to have a companion that is feeling the burn out there.

But enough about the spring...perhaps I am just excited, as we have had some temperatures above the freezing mark these days, and seeing all of the ice on the roads turning to puddles glistening in the sun makes me feel like it is time to get out there!

In other news...Our two-year-old is embarking on a milestone very soon...moving to a "big boy" bed.  I have heard all sorts of miracle stories about children that are placed into that big bed the first night, and never even think about venturing out.  Not my kids.  Oh, how I wish they would stay in bed.  Because little Milo takes it upon himself to escaping the crib from time to time, we expect him to follow his big brother's footsteps, which will have him (and us) up more than a few times throughout the evening/night.  He has been asking for his big bed, so tomorrow night might just be the first night of my little squirt looking so teeny in that big bed.  We'll see how it goes!

Happy Running :)

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