Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's the little things...

Sometimes it's the little things that make my day. Actually, lots of times it's the little things.

Today I had a long run on the calendar. A big one. I have to admit, I was not looking forward to it. Not even a little.

A week ago, I had a much shorter "long" run (after having built quite a few weeks of high-milers, it was a scaled back 18km run, with 8 km of race-pace in the middle). Although the run started out just fine, I experienced a cramp (not like me) and my legs just felt like they were totally protesting the entire time :(
It was everything I could do to hold on to that race pace portion, but I did. After that, though, I just wanted to curl up like a little puppy into the cozy ditch and let the day pass!  I did talk myself out of that, cut the dramatics, and made it home, but I was really in disbelief that I could feel so crappy on a run, let alone a "shorter" long one!

It was probably that horrible run from a week ago that lead me to dread getting up today. But, of course I got up and ready anyway. The leftover high from last weekend's race made me do it, I think.

I headed out the door into the fresh, cool air.  This wasn't going to be so bad after all. I cruised along. Birds chirped, the fluffy clouds rolled through the blue sky. The breeze cooled my shoulders. My music played the familiar songs that make my route even more like a routine. By the time I rounded the turn to the added portion of the run, I felt myself surging and speeding up because the energy I needed was just there.

There was sun.  There was shade. There was a breeze. There were courteous motorists that gave me room to run on the shoulder. I got lost in thoughts and the miles flew by. Almost 40km later I was home.

I walked into the house to three high-pitched voices, saying, "mama!" And, "you're just in time for lunch!"  So cute and chaotic all at the same time.

I quickly went upstairs to get the ice cold bath ready. I try to foam-roll while it's filling.  Before long, I had company. Which is the main "little" thing. My little Milo, eager to join me for my "ice-tubbies".

"You realize it's super cold in there?"  I said.
"Yep...I can do it" as he stripped down.
"Ok. You first!"  I didn't think he would submerge more than one of his little toes.

The kid plunged in. It was freezing. I clenched myself in, keeping a brave face.

I have to say, that "ice-tubbies" are far superior to the average ice-bath. For one, a four-year-old is very entertaining experiencing a polar dip for the first time.  Also, toys. Kids drag toys into the tub regardless of temperature. The time passed by very quickly, and I never imagined I would have quality mama/milo time in an ice-cold tub.

My little adventurer

Happy running/tubbies!

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