Monday, June 4, 2012

First Lady

 Yesterday was my fourth time running the CHOK YMCA Bridge Race.  We (my brother and I) go back to this race every year, because it is a great 10km distance, well-organized, and it's geographic location doesn't hurt either (it is very close to my parent's house, for a home-soil sort of feeling) and I still love that I get to run in two different countries in one race!!

Usually we park at the finish line, and take the shuttle (school bus) to the starting line over on the US side of the border.  This year, as it was calling for rainy/windy/cool weather, we decided to drive one car (mine) to the starting line, and leave one at the finish, in order to go pick up the other car afterwards.  I am not going to lie...squeezing in a tiny bit of cross-border shopping was also on my agenda, but that should go without saying for those of you that know me!

It was so nice to stay cozy in the warm car while we waited for the race to start.  We even drove to a Tim Horton's for a bathroom break and avoided "Scotty's Potty's" altogether.  Soon enough, it was time to head to the starting line with everyone else. 

This is one of those races that is Chip-timed, but without timing mats at the starting area.  So, placement at the front of the pack is important for those of us chasing a PB...

With literally zero warning, the blow horn went off, and we all started scrambling in the forward direction.  The course was changed this year (more about that later) so we were headed toward the bridge fairly early on in the race (let the big climb begin!).  For possible PB purposes, and the fact that my legs were feeling quite fresh that morning, I went out faster than I normally would, and decided to just force myself to hang on to my pace for dear life.  It seemed to work, even during the long climb up that bridge.  By the 2km marker, specators were shouting, "first lady runner!".  Really?  me?  Uh-oh.  Perhaps I am going to burn out a bit sooner than I had hoped?

I took a sip of water at the water station, and still felt quite good, so I kept my speed up.  I passed a few more people, and kept going (quickly).  The course normally follows roadways, but this year with the changes they made, it followed a lot more paved trails.  This is always a welcome improvement if you ask me!

I knew, however, that the course changes made the km markers a bit wrong though.  At the 5km marker, my garmin read a very different story.  It was almost 1/2km longer than 5km at that point!  Oops.  I just hoped the entire race wasn't going to be too long (no such luck...).

Every time I passed specators, they shouted, "first lady"!  I have to say, I know why they call Mrs. President "First Lady"--it makes you feel special!!

Even though they look distracted,
they were very excited about the trophy!

I told myself to try to remember that feeling of working so hard to be in first place.  Even if I didn't end up winning the race in the end, I would never forget that amazing feeling of being the "first lady".

By the 8km marker I was feeling my will-power take over the common sense my body usually uses to slow down a bit.  I just wanted to finish out this race, and feel the glory of at least a top 3 spot.  I knew there was another female runner behind me, but I was too afraid to look back to be sure.  I just plugged on, trying to remember to breath, while still keeping my pace.

As I rounded the bend to see my favourite word, "FINISH" on the big red sign, the crowd was cheering, and I was feeling even more proud.  Looking up to see them holding the tape across the finish line confirmed it...I was going to win this thing!  Yippee!!!!

**This is the first time I actually thought I might throw-up when I crossed the line.  Luckily I didn't--that sure doesn't make for good photos!!

The race ended up being about 250m-300m too long.  Shame.  It will probably be fixed for next year, finger's crossed!!

The numbers...

Overall Place: 17/614
Gender Place: 1/358
Age Group Place: 1/120
Chip time: 43:49*
*my garmin read a different story: 43:26

Accepting my trophy, and, who knew? they give CASH too!!

Check out some of the names on this trophy! name will be on the SAME trophy as some of Canada's finest runners!!
How cool is that!?!?

Happy Running!  I have to say I am enjoying the "post-10km-race" feeling--so much less fatigued than the "post-marathon" feeling!

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