Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When it rains, it snows

From the heat of Boston to the freezing snow/wind/rain?!  Seriously?!

Mother nature and I have some serious issues this week.  I am still at bit mad at her for the heat of Boston, only to feel utter disappointment at the weather she has thrown my way (I take this as a personal attack) in the last couple of days.
My kids (who LOVE snow) are even a tad fed-up.  Elliott said, "But, Mama, it is spring time.  What happened to the sunshine?"  You said it, kid.
It might be a blessing that I was reverse-tapering after race day, so I wasn't too concerned about mileage this week (add in birthday celebrations too!).  I did, however, assume I would be back up to normal, fun runs at my leisure by yesterday.  It is hard to get geared up to face the slushy, windy elements without a big race (or training log in real time with the trainer) to motivate me :(
Today is a new day.  The ground seems to be drying off, and I will plug away in my long pants and possibly mittens.

Come on, Mother Nature!!  Be on my side again, will ya?!  My peeling sunburn is even more pitiful under piles of layers...

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