Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Year

I can't believe that one year ago today, I was holding a brand-new baby.  Technically, yesterday was Oliver's first birthday, but he was born late at night, so he just made the 'cut' for March 26th.

A year ago today, running was the furthest thing from my mind. I don't think I spent much time away from this little (sort of...he was 8lbs8oz) tiny person.  We stared at him, and his little bald head for much of the day, watching him sleep in our arms.  A year passes by so quickly, but within it, so much happens.  This helpless little being we held a year ago is now a mobile, chattering (babyspeak that only a mother understands) and growing every day.  We have a joke in our house that Oliver will soon be the same size as his big brother Milo--only a handful of pounds seperate them in size!
1 day old, our little Olly

A year ago I knew that I would make plans to race in the months following his birth.  I did.  Although I didn't achieve any Personal Bests in the past year, I have run some races to be proud of, for sure.

To recap:

Avery's Bravery 5km was five weeks after Olly was born.  It was perfect motivation to get out there running within a couple of weeks of his birth.  26:45(ish)

The Watford 5-Miler was next, in May.  It was a windy run (my least favourite) but I managed to finish feeling strong.  It was nice to have Oliver waiting (and cheering?) at the finish line.  39:57

Next up, in June was the Bridge Race 10km.  I love this race, and this was my third year running it.  Starting in the US and finishing in Canada is fun.  (Climbing up and over that bridge can be a challenge, but worth it!)  47:29

On a very hot June evening, I ran the Angus Glen 5-Miler.  Not my finest race.  Actually, a little hot and miserable.  The race shirts and swag bags are always so great at their races though :)  39:26

Speaking of hot...next up was the St. Clair River Run 10km.  I thought I would beat my Bridge Race 10km time from June because this is a flat course.  No such luck!  47:39

...On to another favourite race, the Oakville Half in September.  I had a terrible head cold, so I spent a large part of the race with sweaty fever/chills.  Oof.  1:43:01

In an attempt to redeem my poor race day in Oakville, I signed up for the Angus Glen Half in November.  It just wasn't my day.  At least the race shirts were top-notch, of course.  1:47:56

My two favourite races from the last year, hands down, were the Disney Races in January.  The half marathon with my husband was so special.  Nothing says "I love you" like getting to the starting line for 5:30am together.  Maybe we should try traditional date nights like other couples?!  1:56:xx
The Disney marathon (the very next morning!) was so great.  It was relaxed and fun, with a new running friend, Kiska.  We laughed and chatted the entire 4:05:xx

On Sunday, I rounded out Oliver's first year with the Around the Bay 30km.  It was part training run, part race.  I ran into (not literally) some very inspirational runners at the starting line (running as part of the Team In Training group) that had such great spirit and enthusiasm for the whole thing, that it kept me going for a lot of the race.  Thanks, Cory and Robin!  They weren't only running the race, they also had raised thousands of dollars for Leukemia Research.  Wow!  2:24:02

The highlight of my year, of course, has been training for Boston.  In less than three weeks, I will be traveling to Boston to line up with my 25,000 closest running friends.  It has been such a thrill to imagine myself there, and it is approaching quickly!  I can't wait!
My big boy Olly at one year old (with Papa)!

Happy Birthday Oliver.  Mama can't wait to see you at the starting line of a race some day :)
**As of today, he has started taking real steps, so he is well on his way to running!**

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  1. Have a great race in Boston! You will love having fans cheering for you...the entire way! Thanks for your support. Go, running mommies, GO!!!