Friday, March 16, 2012

One. Month. Left.


In just one month I will be relaxing after the Boston Marathon.  I will be loaded with tidbits I will want to write about and share on my blog, no doubt.

Just one month standing between me and the big day.  It is so exciting to be so close, but also to know that I still have some time to panic and run more train.

I compiled a list of the things I am wishing and hoping for in the next month.  Read them HERE on

I am sad that March break is coming to an end, but even more sad that my maternity leave of 14 months will soon come to an end as well.  We went to a Maple Syrup festival today, and the boys loved running around in the warm, spring air.  Here's hoping this weather will stay until next week's Bay Race!

The boys.  Oliver never gets in these photos as he is always strapped to my back!

Happy Running!

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