Monday, August 8, 2011

Where have I been?!

Wow, summer sure gets the best of me and writing posts!  My motivation to post has been killed a bit by the fact that my computer is dying a slow death and no longer has space to allow me to download photos.  Boo!

I have been out enjoying the summer air (okay, sometimes stifling hot muggy air) with runs that include at least part of my family most of the time.  Those combinations include me + Oliver, me + Elliott and Milo, me + Husband + all three kids, etc. etc.  So many combos to choose from!  It is nice that we can all go out together.  The boys love having their parents "race".  This morning on our run, Elliott asked if he could switch to have Mama push him, as he wanted to "win".  Smart kid.

I have also been enjoying adding the 'long run' back into my weeks.  For now, the long run totals 10 miles, (a year ago I ran 10 miles a few times every week, sigh) and I have been loving it.  I even took music along with me this week (!).  I have been listening to the same music while running for years now.  Occasionally I add a new song or two, but for the most part, the music remains constant.  I don't really listen to music that is up beat or peppy while running--I am more about nostalgic tunes that are predictable.  I wonder what that says about me?  Perhaps that is why it is best that I only ever listen to music on long runs?!  I would probably slow down otherwise.

In other news...

My little Oliver is now 4 months old!  How does time fly to quickly?  He is rolling around, loving his brother's attention and making me smile with every little coo and goo he makes :)

Happy Running!


  1. Welcome back! It's funny what you said about your music - it has me thinking about my playlist! I do change mine up once in while, but don't like my current list because it has too many "new" songs on it.

  2. I think adding to my playlist will be one of the first things I do when we finally do get around to buying a new computer :)