Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fun Run for Buns!

Christmas has come and gone for another year.  Our children held up the enthusiasm for Christmas in our house this year, as Papa and I had some sort of flu bug, so we were in survival mode all day. 

three smiling faces

But this post is all about my favourite aspect of the holidays...getting together with friends and family!

Yesterday I took part in the second annual Fun Run for Buns!  I missed the first annual last year, but I will be sure not to miss any future ones. 

The Run was organized by my friends Robert and Tricia, and they do know how to win over runners, that's for sure. The details are really in the name...

Well, obviously getting up and out the door in running gear before 8am needs to be fun.  Luckily, there was a good turnout of runners of all abilities, with fun stories and experiences to share while we were out running. Stories of Christmas.  Stories of power-failure survival.  Some shiny new running shoes and gear were also a-plenty, which is always fun to talk about. *Runners are geeky about gear sometimes!

We headed out in the north end of Guelph, toward Guelph Lake on the country roads. It was a bit slushy/snowy in some places, but it was so nice to be out in a group, running along with no particular pace involved. This was my first run since Christmas eve (the flu really knocked me out) so it was nice to breath in the fresh air. There are hills along these roads, so having encouragement during the character building climbs is always a plus. 

While most of us were out chilling our buns, Tricia was baking some of the most delicious cinnamon buns I've tasted!  The smell of the treats lingering in the air as we left for the run was on my mind as we faced the strong winds before our turn-around. 
 Everyone was welcomed into Robert and Tricia's home (brave people. Runners are amazing folks, but we tend to smell bad after an 8 mile loop) to enjoy treats, fruit, coffee, tea and juice. It was nice to chat and relax, and even talk about the new year, and all of the races it will entail. 

What a yummy spread of food! 

 If only Papa and the boys would pull this together after I go for regular runs!

What a great morning it was. I can't wait for the third annual Fun Run for Buns. I heard there may be a "Tri for Pies" in the future, which I'm definitely going to mark on the calendar!

Enjoy the holidays...the food, the time with loved ones, and of course, some extra time for running!

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