Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

The weather in the last three days has been such a variation of clothing options.  On Friday morning, I almost boiled over at 5:30am during my run, which was a lot more warm than I had anticipated.  I was a wet mess of sweat and misty fog by the time I returned home.
Saturday morning's run was a bit reluctant, as I wasn't too excited about heading out into the rain that just wouldn't let up.  I came home sporting the "drown-rat" look, but at least I looked like a hard-core superstar out there (either that, or just plain crazy).
This morning, ever the optimist, I wore shorts and lots of layers on top for a long bike ride, and I think my goosebumps could have counted as a fifth member of our bike-crew; they were so large!!

The runs were great, but quite uneventful.  I want to talk about my bike ride!

I know I have said this a million times before, but training in groups is so much better than training alone.  The actual workout is still the same (actually, it can be more challenging when we force each other to push ourselves) but the time flies by with the laughter, and the chatting.

I love love love running with other people so obviously I was drawn to training for triathlons with a group too.  The open-water swims this summer have been more about the camaraderie of complaining about the cold water as a group, than they have been about the workout.  And I have learned a lot about swimming and the amount I can push myself too.  Win, win!

Biking with others is so different than running with others.  It's a lot less chatty while we're on the road, as there is the safety element that can't be ignored for the sake of conversation.  But convening at intersections, or at the completion of the route makes it alllll worth it.  Especially if the bike ride ends at a Starbucks, like it did today!

I headed out with Tricia, Sylvie and Lorraine this morning (they all thought my choice of shorts instead of pants was nothing short of certifiable).  Around these parts it is hard to find a route of any distance that doesn't involve hills, so it was a perfect challenge.  We rode about 35km, and it was great!  I loved the downhills (of course) and the scenery was terrific (no photos of scenery.  Take photos while biking? Not there yet, and maybe I will never be at that level!).

We encountered many other cyclists out enjoying the sunshine (and wind).  I was proud to be out there among them, but I did realize that I have a long way to go before I really feel like I am a "cyclist"!

We still look happy after all of the hills and wind!

I have to admit, my favourite part was the Starbucks.  Warm drinks, lovely ladies...That's what it's all about, amIright?

Happy running, cycling, etc...

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